Cool effect: is it possible?

I’ve been thinking: is there any way to read the RGB value of a certain spot on the screen, let’s say 128,64 and get it as numeric values and then apply the color to A mesh?

Could it be possible to control an ipo with these numeric values?

The thing that I’m thinking OF trying to achieve (obviously with some help) is that you could make a screen look like it’s painted if the screen was covered in (smooth and blurry ball-shaped-textured) planes about 2-5 pixels each, then change them to the color that is BEHIND THEM, making the whole screen look blurry and soft. Of course the planes would have to be in a different scene [OVERLAY].

of course the smooth blurry ball could be replaced with crystal fragments or smiley faces or anything!

Oh, come on! Somebody please say something! This post has just been sitting here for 2 days! Is it possible or not? Did anyone even get what I was asking?! :frowning:

Sorry, but i don’t understand what you want to do, but:

  • You can apply a Color to a Mesh.
  • You can controll an IPO with numeric Values
  • You can’t read out the RGB’s vom Screen Pixels

hi doc, hi Hirpo , i didnt understand it no lol , can u explaine in further detail?

can you read the color value of A CERTAIN PIXEL on the screen and then set it to a mesh somewhere in the blend? if not with blender, then can it be done using some other software and the value be written into a text file which is then opened in the .blend and the values used to control the ipo of some object? IN REALTIME?

As Doc Holiday said, it’s not possible to read the colour of a pixel in Blender, so no, you couldn’t do what you’re suggesting.

In Vertex Paint Mode, you can right-click anywhere in the 3D View to set the Paint color to that pixel’s color. It would probably be somewhat difficult to implement this in realtime, though.


Actually, I don’t know. I just assume it would be since only one person is working on the Game Engine code meaning it’s either really confusing or no one else cares about it; I suppose it could be the latter, though. Either way, I have no idea how to go about doing this since I’m definitely not good enough at programming (in general).

Maybe if I had a look at the code, I could get lucky :-? %|

Is there any other programs to read pixel information? Can the programs output it as a text file?

I know I asked this already but I really really need to know! If this works then blender will have a type of glow or blur and also some type of crystal rendering (meaning that the screen looks like you’re looking at it through a crystal), or maybe an oil-painting type of look!

A while back I found this program. It can read the RGB values of a pixel on the monitor (with zoom too). I haven’t actually tried it out though, so I have no idea if it can output text files.