Cool Game I made in 4 Hours total!!!!

No info + no screenshots = no downloads

Call me paranoic, but… I downloaded the game. And I find really strange that the main exe file has no name, just a Blender icon.

ok for 4 hours. work on the character and camera though.

wasnt realy “cool” and 4 hours is a very very very long time, making something like that should take 30 mins-1hour(at most)

Be nice. If this was his learning process, then 4 hours is VERY short.

Keep Blending! Keep in mind that you don’t have to post ALL of your projects ;).


I don’t know, I thought it was pretty cool for 4 hours of work. It would really help if you would post screenshots, though. I honestly only downloaded it because I’m a moderator and I have to make sure that things are legit around here :stuck_out_tongue:

The HUD didn’t show up for me in the .exe. I only saw it when I was playing the game in Blender. Of course, I was running the .exe through WINE in Linux, so it may have dropped the HUD texture or something.

My suggestions:

  • add a win condition (like make a “You win!” message once all the coins are collected.)
  • make more than one bad guy. I found it too easy with only one. Not to mention, the one bad guy doesn’t even wake up unless you walk up to him and intentionally rouse him.
  • don’t use the camera actuator. make the camera the parent of the character instead. You could use slow parenting if you want to have a little delay between character and camera movement.
  • give the game a real file name, and fix your zip file. Just so you know, file names that begin with a period are hidden files on Unix and Linux systems (Mac OS X is Unix, btw).

I cant WINE it :frowning:
Can you upload a .BLEND?
Thank you :smiley:
Good luck :smiley:

ok i was a little harsh, i guess the time it takes to make it depends on how many games you’ve made, the more you make, the faster you can make another. btw micah i guess you can really update the game with peoples crits otherwise it would’nt be a 4 hour game, unless of course time isnt the target in this project.

The .exe didn’t work :frowning: Please try uploading it again.

Ok, I’ve been working on Blender for one year and I’m new to the game engine. Just follow this link…
This is the new one. I’ve been busy with school, so there isn’t much I can do right now.

Some screenshots would be cool!

screens are on that site I just listed