Cool little anomoly

My brother was using his Lego Studios camera in the dark last night, and he noticed these peculiar bright flashes appearing:

After a long period of investigation, trial and error, and process of elimination, we finally decided that it must be the camera coming in and out of sync with the computer screen’s refresh rate. What do you think?

it’s them aliens!

From the video, it is very hard to tell what is actually going on… Is the camera directly facing the screen of the monitor. And is it a CRT or LCD? My guess is that it is some form of radiation outside the visible light range. (probably IR)

although i have no idea what i’m looking at, my guess is IR. most crappy digital cameras don’t filter IR out.

The camera was facing away from the computer (laptop) screen. There was a sheet of black construction paper a few inches away from the camera lens. It’s interesting you should mention IR, because the computer in question does have an infrared transmitter. Have to do some more experimentation…

It’s definitely IR! Did an experiment by aiming my Palm pilot at it and telling it to beam. The flashing light was very easy to make out. The flashes we saw before were the computer’s IR transmitter running its occasional search for potential receivers.

Looks like morse code to me, try figuring what them aliens are telling you :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats a cool thing to discover by accident. Must be something to keep you thinking and awake deep into the night :stuck_out_tongue: