Cool logo animation


Wanted to make a similar kind of logo animation you see on various
web sites etc.
I know the logo itself doesn’t look like much and it’s basically just random,
but after all this was just a practise thingy.
I think it turned out pretty good :smiley:

Here’s the links:

or please watch this higher quality clip
(Xvid, 630x360, 1,92 Mb, 12s.)

Tell me what you think, so C&C much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I used 2.46 RC2 for this.

Very nice. I seen that youtube one 4 times. Very good.

Thanks kkrawal! I’m not completely satisfied with the particles, though. They don’t quite look like spray paint…too bad the vector blur doesn’t affect them.

The spray paint, as you said, is a little off, but it looks very good, the materials on the metal look spot on to me. Whats the logo for?

                      Whats the logo for?

The logo doesn’t actually stand for anything. It’s basically the result of 20 mins. of doodling in Incscape :cool:

Wouldn’t particals look better for spraypaint?

You should have the logo stay, but everything else fade to black at the end, then tell what the logo is…
other than that, it looks great :slight_smile:

  • yes, spray paint looks cheesy… maybe you could make it heat and just color accordingly?

Hey that was really cool!

Pretty neat animation! My thots:

  • make the stamping bit somehow create a raised portion rather than a recessed one

  • make the 2nd step grind off the raised off surface to leave the brushed metal surface (will give you an opportunity to throw in lots of cool grinder sparks 'n such :slight_smile: )

  • third step shouldn’t attempt spraypaint, but rather some kind of high tech anodizing process that uses an electrical arc (another shiney sparks op!)

… and I like the FTB idea that AMDBGC had - with some misc. text fading in simultaneously and the camera moving to a point directly above it (to make it orthogonal)

But, cool as is. Have you seen or used Bart’s “cutting thru steel” tutorial? (Search blendernation.) I used it to make a silly one… not up the the par you’ve set here, tho. :yes:

@JESUSFRK14: Thanks!!

@mzungu: Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I’ll definitely make an ultimate version of the animation once I purchase a new pc in the coming months (it took me 10 hours to render the original one on my Celeron M420 laptop :ba:).
btw. I really liked that Fellowship Minute-animation, nice sound effects.:slight_smile:

cool setup! looks cool

Extremely good looking. The only thing I can think of is that if this were displayed at the beginning of a movie or what not, it would seem a bit long. You might want to speed it up just a hair or two.