cool music site

Has anyone used this site?
Its pretty cool it finds music and plays it on an Internet radio station based on the artists you enter. They use the music genome to find other artist that sound like what you entered. I made a good punk/Rock station called BadBrains radio a link is here
if any one has a station they want to share post a link.
Edit–its free the site has adds

I found out about this a couple months ago. It’s the best. Like having a silent DJ playing songs you may like and you simply thumbs up (or down) to hear more of same (or not). A great way to find artists / bands you didn’t know about too.

Btw if you make a station with an artist name you get a wide selection, start one with a song name and it will serve up a narrower selection of similar sounding songs.

Hey that’s a cool station you made. Got it blasting through the house right now. Everybody is dancing. Now if I could just remember where I hid that fatty. :smiley:

…uh oh, the Reggae just turned into Punk (a quickmix station?). I like that better, but now everyone is slam dancing in the kitchen. Damn, are they drinking already? They’ll never make it to midnight. … and if anyone pukes in my fireplace this year I’m gonna go to jail.

Happy New Year!


THANKS SO MUCH!!! This site is amazing! It’s like free, easy, useful Napster 2.0! I wonder how long till they make this illegal? Haha, I made a great jazz station: the “Classic Jazz” one on the left.

Saxofoner they pay license fees for the music. So you can’t play songs on demand and I’m not sure if it’s international yet either -but it’s all totally legal.

Hey check out their podcast too since you are a musician. Only two posts so far I think (one on harmony singing and one on drumming) but man they are good.

Rock on.

Cool. By illegal I meant, can they ban it because people can just record it? It’s pretty hi-qual sound, for a stream.

I found a nice site for club music. It’s great for parties or just listening for fun. They’ve got a few different styles If you’re interested.

Ive been using it for a while, very cool.

I was wondering the same thing, actually. I suppose it’s no different than broadcast radio in that regard. So I’m clicking away on those ads and bought a few CD’s through their Amazon links too. Doing my best to help support their biz model so (hopefully) they won’t ever resort to inserting audio ads into the stream.

Party on.


I like pandora very much. It’s excellent, but I like even more.


How about That’s on demand.