Cool music video : Igorrr "Very Noise"

Used Blender, apparently:

MEAT DEPT.PLUS5 days ago

Zbrush / Modeling
Substance & Photoshop / Texturing
Lightwave & Blender / Animation and Layout
Mixamoo / Motion capture
Octane Render / Rendering
TurbulenceFD / Explosion VFX
After Effect / Compositing
Premiere / Editing

Hardware :
1 PC with 4 RTX 2080 Ti
1 PC with 4 GTX 1080 Ti

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I initially had my suspicions that it was made using blender, I think potentially the geometry destroying modifiers seemed familiar to me, but I also incorrectly thought that maybe it was using Eevee to render - (it has that sort of approximated pbr game engine look, and what seemed like a lack of object motion blur) but apparently it’s using Octane - I’m wondering if it was the Brigade real time renderer?