Cool new feature in 2.40. Shaded weightpaints.

Wow…it’s getting easier and easier to paint with weights in
Blender, I just had to show you this:

In the “olden days” we had to paint on a “2d-silhuette” where it
could be a real pain to get around everywhere…and you could
easily hit another area of the mesh… Now it’s much clearer.

Pretty cool I’d say.

(oh…and for those not up to date with 2.40 at all…As you can see
you can now just actively select any bone you want to work with
while your are painting weights…and dab on the “influence” there’s
even an quick-menu (down right) for quick weight selects and a paint
mixer with various features. Not only that…check out the new modifier
right next to it…here you can add SubSurf & booleans & many more
as modifiers, cool huh?) :smiley:

Kudos to the developers!

Yeah, the new weight painting features make it so much easier…

By the way, it looks like you DID hit another area of the mesh, the right leg shows some green vertices :P.

Kewl stuff. Making a new build right now :slight_smile: Regarding the new modifier-panel - Rather than having an extendable panel, why not make the panels scrollable or something? Just a thought…
Oh, and how do I get optimal draw in edit mode now?

Press the button apply modifier to editing cage during editmode. It’s just to the left of the arrows for moving the modifier down the stack.

JoOngle, that shaded mode looks really useful. I’ll need to get a new build. I’m just pleased they sorted out the weight painting so that it actually worked. It was awful in 2.36. This just makes it even better.

I find keeping wireframe on helps the most though because it shows where the vertices are - after all that is what is being painted. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the wireframe as clearly as it does in editmode. That would help me a great deal if it did.

ah um

small question, i get a bit confused with 2.4 tool set you mention while you use a build for the next 2.38 version.

Press the button apply modifier to editing cage during editmode. It’s just to the left of the arrows for moving the modifier down the stack.

Aah. Thanks!

2.38 is only an intermediate build - not an official one. The next official release is said to be 2.40.

@cekuhnen , as Bellorum says, it’s not official. it’s a CVS build…meaning
it’s a test build for the test dummies (such as me) to test, anyone
can download a test-build of a CVS…either learn to compile one yourself
so you always can have the “latest stuff” or grab one in the
test-forums at the developer forums. The number is just left there
because the number isn’t important, but the bug fixes and features are :slight_smile:

@thoro - hehe…it was just a “test” character I quickly loaded to show
the new feature to you guys.

@osxrules - it’s pretty clear with the wireframe on if you ask me, but
then again…don’t just take my word for it…here’s another screen dump
of the latest Paint weights shaded-view …with Wireframe active:

ok now it makes sense again!


Argh, I just discovered I had that button slower draw pressed next to the double-sided button in the editing panels, which removes some of the edges. I’ve been using it like that for ages - I must have pressed it when I started using Blender and because I never use those buttons, I always thought that’s how it worked :x. You will have to excuse me while I go kick myself :).