Cool Remix I Made

It is song #2 on this page.

Please listen to the whole thing, not just the start. Really.

It took me about an hour to make.

I really like it. Do you?

Well, to be honest it sounds like 1 hours work, just some digital voice effects and a beat in the background. Work on it more and repost it. :wink: Sorry, but you asked.:slight_smile: What program do you use? I have a friend who uses Acid Pro.

I used OpenMPT. I can work on it more, maybe add some more variation.

Keep the comments coming!


Just listened to it. I didn’t really like the intruments that you used. I’m used to more cyberdelic sounds of Daft Punk. It felt more like english underground beat.

If this only was a render I could crit :slight_smile:

Daft Punk Rulez!!
Their voice/electric guitar mix is awesome on this song!

I hate electronic music but i must say Daft Punk is great…