cool sphere!!

i was just trying to make an small abstract and cool looking piece of work and this is what i came up with.This is my first cool,abstract thing ive made,it only took about 2 minutes to make!!!:eek:, maybe ill write a tutorial,if its that intresting:rolleyes:.
C & C welcome:D.

How did you do that?

I would think that a 2-minute project like this should go in the tests forum…

m3ta:well i started with a uv sphere the i simply combined a series of extrusions combined with rotation to get this effect.

arr matey:i dont think it should be in the test section because i took this as a serious project and u should not judge things by the amount of time it took to complete.sorry if i was abit too sensitive;).

Dito pirate (arr matey!!)

Well it is abstract, we can tell it’s that.

Though you should put it on something a bit fancier then a grey floor.

Like What???

A pedistal with a glass top and and curvy side decorations perhaps. Don’t forget to change the sky color.

i dont feel like doing that now,maybe another time.if u want the blend file for urself go right ahead,but im satisfied with this for now.

but no one (ok two) else is

I think its a good start. Ofcourse it could be improved, it always can. but I like it :slight_smile:
keep it up! :smiley:

thank you lasphere,i will modify it more then ill post it up.