COOL STUFF!!! (In games landscape&characters)

Here’s a pic of the main character in a game i’m making:

Here are two shots of landscapes and towns
The village isn’t really complete, i’ve only got one house and a barn. Also it needs to be more “cozy”

The castle’s here is pretty much done, however i just made the landscape so it would look pretty, i needed to come up with a better idea

Here’s the main character, and a castle guard or something,G).JPG

C&C appreciated

hm… I like :slight_smile: whats the polycount on your character?

Also are all the stuff in the game yuor texturing? also th ground could vertex coloring… I cant stress that enough in blender games

Nice! :slight_smile: I especially like the main character. For the village you could add a forge and a well and then do some duplicating of buildings. It’s not too obvious that roofs are may out of hay, perhaps should you have to work this detail, no hint how, sorry (it looks like a weird texture for me, at this distance).

Could the landscape be enhanced with a little more poly count and more colour gradient?

I like those trees. I think i am going to try some that way.

is this game gonna be done in the blender engine or in a computer programming language? Very nice start anyways.

thanks, my brother and I are using the blender engine to make the game, however we don’t really know alot of phython yet, so things are gonna get tough

It’s not too obvious that roofs are may out of hay, perhaps should you have to work this detail

I see what you mean by that. I tried creating a hair-like structure using lot’s of planes with alpha tex for the hay, it looked good, but there were way too many polys

By the way how do you do a polygon count?
I think my character has alot of polys, but i don’t know an exact number

here’s another pic,G).JPG

I used the decimator to figure out the polys o my character (at least i think decimator does poly count) anyways is about 7400,

i think thats quite alot, but im really not sure what “high poly” is considered. I know the girls from DOA use about 12 000 polys…

Looks great for a start…kinda reminds me of Zelda, and the houses give that ‘cozy’ feel…