Cool stuff to do in LA

The reason I ask is I’m going there with my family for 2 days in about a week, and I was wondering if anybody knows of any places where local rock/metal bands play… Or just cool stuff to do around there…

I’ve been to LA and there are three theme parks in the area

Disneyland and Disney California adventure
Knott’s Berry farm
Six Flags Magic mountain

They have a nice beach too.

I lived in L.A. for a while. You might want to check out Griffith park, nice zoo.
There were usually “happenings” going on. Ask when you get there.
I used to ride my bicycle up and over the mountains to the coast. (Not reccomended if you are out of shape!) A nice way to spend a day though,
you may even meet interesting people.

A touristy kind of link:

In all honesty though, about the coolest thing I did in L.A. was to leave! :smiley:

Have fun…:slight_smile:

Yeah, the thing is my family and I aren’t much for theme parks and the like. And one of our two days we’re spending with my uncle who works at Sony, so we only have one day to hang around really. I’m more interested in finding some sort of place where local rock bands play or something… I assume theres gotta be plenty of places like that in L.A.

some links for ya
(also links for all the other days of the week)

(Chuckle…) Uh, yeah. Yeah there is. :smiley: The ‘local music scene’ is everywhere. Ask a local.

pixelmass: Thanks for the links :smiley:

sundialsvc4: Heh, yeah I assumed so, hopefully I’ll be able to check some good stuff out :smiley: