cool test of right or left brain funtions. NOW A POLL PLZ CLOSE THIS THREAD

which way do you see this dancer turning? ok i made this a poll so please vote there. moderator please close this tread,

Both ways…no right…no…left…oh…screw it!!! That is awesome!!!

At first she was turning clockwise and I was looking at it and trying to see her moving counter, but couldn’t, then I looked over at the text and while reading I can see the image turning counterclockwise I looked over and it was turning counter. I think I am more right sided through then left, because its easy for me to see her turning clockwise again.

With some practice now I can make her appear to turn in any direction. If you look at her neck you can actually make different parts of her body turn in opposite directions.

ok, here is the trick. Imagine that you are holding one of her hands, now look at her head, and imagine that she is not turning around, but instead she only turns 180, and that you are pulling her by her hand.

Watch her reflection… its only correct if turning one direction.

Its a totally BS test that means absolutely nothing, someone probably thought the image was cool and decided to add some voodoo mumbo-jumbo meanings to it.


still its cool. i was trying to make a poll but my comp shut off. can i edit a poll in…il have to try.

its an optical illusion!!!
it helps if you look at it upsidedown

tested i already by advice from a german forum just for offtopics. The result first clock- than c-clockwise mostly by fixing the leg sector, has it to do with right/left handed? me is right handed.

silhouetted nipples rule!!!

I think Alltaken hit the mail on the head here.:yes:


And i saw it turning counter-clockwise first and then i read the text at the side and looked back and it was turning clockwise and it wont go back :frowning:

Those with dual monitors, open one image on each monitor at the same time and see which direction it turn. Now you find you use both sides of your brain!

Clockwise, always, and when i flip the monitor, it seems to change direction, when i look at it sideways it looks like its just going back and forth.

The Animal, yeah, I’ with you, wtf, turned the same direction for me too.
even when I looked away.
still turning

Yes, those were destructing me for awhile. :eek:

ha ha, don’t play with make human then!
13 to go!

ya i was pretty sure tht it wasnt actually a test of right or left brain sides bu its still cool to see what other people see

I can only see her turning clockwise !! dammit


It’s not a true test as far as I know, but it’s fun to make it turn to the left, then to the right, then to the left :stuck_out_tongue:

Really do have to shake the head a bit to make it turn the other way around.

Rather an interesting article