cool test of right or left brain funtions. NOW A POLL PLZ CLOSE THIS THREAD

i looked at her more than 5 times , each five minutes , i can’t see her turning anit-cw for any moment at all , i tried to read the text and relook at her, more than one time , that doesn’t change anything , i will try again , and tell you all …
i wounder if this is real .

edit :-
why i’m always different from the others with those things :frowning: .

You not different . . . I just look at the clip for about 5 secs (-; - had the same issue.

i cant get her to go counter clockwise either. i think i will start a poll with this and close this tread

The correct direction is Anti-clockwise BTW. Take a close look at the reflection.

But it can be viewed both ways of course.


This is a good thread . . but if that’s what you want . . .

well we can still discuss it on the poll thread