Cool tricks solving avoiding messed up UV layout


What you do to solve UV layout issues like:

same length edges not same length
paralel edges not paralel
wrong angle between edges

huh, what do we do with this?

I asked a advice how to not end up like that:

First of all, in Object Mode, hit Ctrl+A and select Scale and Rotation to ObData. It’s a bit vague, but it basically tells Blender that the current size is the real size.

Secondly, you can see if maybe another unwrapper works better. Go to Editing (F9) -> UV Calculation (next to Multires) and change Angle Based to Conformal.

I did Ctrl+A in OB mode and changed to Conformal
Now its a little better but not so good.

I hope my posts will come up this year. :smiley:

And i thought im slow. Gonna have to find some functional phorum.

Thanks Zwebbie, u even try to help in this bad slow disfunctional phorum, and your advice helped and my UV layout is now better but not 100% fine.

U can watch video in youtube when u search USye4X_hzdA
I hope my post will not be deleted because i know illustrative picture and video material will not be dolerated in this **** phorum.
Longer video before implementing Zwebbie advice gCMqMRWIzDE