cool uv mistake

Hi, I in my stupidity, saved the uv map in Gimp, instead of just the transparent layer I scribbled on to test my limited knowledge of uv mapping. however the result, whilst not perfect, is cool.
The background is all Blender textures mapped to a sphere, lots of messing, lots of colored lights for effect. The shadows appear wrong because of the lighting intensity. The models have no or implied eyes.
I really did have a power outage and lost forever the settings. No nodes were used. Quit file is corrupt. Still I have the models. Make Human of course. I will try:eek: to recreate this.
Crits, ideas on improvement welcome.


It is from such “mistakes” that valuable techniques are invented. Your results are most impressive.

I like to experiment with different settings to see what results I can get.
It’s great fun so long as you remember what you did…

I used the uv editor to unwrap the image to a .tga then uv editor again to apply the new uv. Then I added an image texture of the same .tga in another slot. With the new material I reversed the color, added transparency and re uv mapped, to acheive the dark patterns on the bodies. Maybe the ‘difference tab’ in the texture ‘map to’.

I am from now on setting Blender to save every 5 min to a specific folder. It appeared, as I run several builds of Blender on different drives that I had not set up the file path for tmp.

Thanks again. M.A.

Sometimes when I am having a hard time with a uv paint job I will render the model with the saved uv layout visible so I can see it with some lighting and shadows on the model. This looks like what you did and I find some times my test renders do look really cool.