Cool Video Effects from (Gasp!) Microsoft

I did a search and didn’t find this, but I thought the technology was cool. It’s video effect software that UV unwraps objects in a video and then allows you to add custom objects and effects and they stay in the appropriate part of the video. You could put a tatoo on someones arm and then the software automatically keeps it in the correct position and also deforms it with movements of the arm.

More here:

That tool looks very powerful.

But I can’t help but be exited about the uv unwrapping. Did you see how quickly they got a realistic map? You can just upload that to a model and bang!

Nice find

I act like MS is crap because they charge $500 for an OS that runs (for many) worse than free ones. They charge $500 for an office suite that runs only slightly better than free ones. They do not assist the public, they bully them. They buy up who they cannot beat. Alot of MS stuff IS crap. Visual Studio was AWESOME though – haven’t found a tool like that on Linux. Too bad it doesn’t matter enough for me to stay with MS, though. Heck, I’ve got a Lightwave3D license wasting that I might sell – it won’t run on Linux either!

That’s why I don’t like them. I’ve been a software developer for over 24 years and I’ve seen the way alot of things go in business and the like concerning MS. Are they WORSE than any other – I doubt it. But I’m happy PAYING for hardware and using Linux/Blender/GIMP on that hardware.

These are my opinions on the “P.S.” from Farthioner. I’m NOT attacking you, just answering the question from MY perspective. A Mac guy will have a different perspective I’m sure.

That looks neat. I can see how you could combine automatic marker placement (based on high-contrast areas of the image) with motion tracking of those markers with point/mesh generation to unwrapping to texturing. Quite the accomplishment they have there.

I am on your side. I am against MS because they “forced” me to windows when I bought my laptop saying the MS Windows was “free”. Well all the programmes I use on the Windows is opensource and I ain’t buying no ms office suite.

why do people act like ms is crap? thats all abunch of apple propaganda. It’s really nice.

Microsoft and Apple have both contributed allot to the computer world. It’s not necessarily apple propaganda that slams microsoft, it’s more along the lines of those who have had bad experiences with them. In other words, OS politics don’t come out of another company or Operating System.

So, before we get into any clash on OS politics, I think we should understand that each operating system has it’s functions to certain people. Windows normally appeals to the general public, Apple, to artists, and linux to the rebellious (in both categories) :evilgrin: lol

Anyways, I’m really excited about your find. That’s a possible way to do face mapping in blender. It could be very, very useful.


I’m not anti-microsoft, a guy I know works there. I’m just anti-windows even though i gotta use it most of the time

Though this is really cool where is it gonna come? And how?

is this about the video editing features or about Microsoft vs. others? i can’t tell from the discussion

Not a microsoft fan here, but that video is certainly interesting. And isn’t that what this thread is about?

GOOD GOD! Does ANYONE like Microsoft?? The company might suck and be evil, yes, but the OS is good and is well worth the 500 bucks, unlike the situation with 3d apps…:slight_smile:

you see tahst how microsoft is keeping up its reputation.
The veedio did use some high pain and brains making that peice.
I like it.

So where do these effects come in?!?!?!? Windows Movie Maker? :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one will state that I like Microsoft products. When they are installed in a good machine, things are smooth. As the OP for this thread, the title wasn’t necessarily a blast against MS, but more of shock that they would be doing this type of research. It doesn’t really fit into what software they currently offer. Sure, they offer trueSpace now so that people can upload stuff to Windows Live Earth or whatever it’s called. This doesn’t seem to fit (like one poster stated, what in Windows Movie Maker?)

I’ve been doing the Linux thing since Redhat 5 so I’m no noob there. But I always come back to Windows because it seems that my most productive software is there. I boot into Linux when I need the fastest rendering to happen in Yafray or BI. When I’m done, it’s back into Windows to Game and get work done.

And yes…my Vista ROCKS. Ask any Michigan Blender User Group members. They’ve seen my little lappy whip through Vista with no issues.