Cool Volcano

Hi was out for a walk enjoying the view of the local mountain and thougt I would up load some old photos for everyone to enjoy :slight_smile:



Beautiful :yes: .

(You could try to make it in Blender, what do you think?)

Hi Paragon

Thats definatly a posible option, would be good to animate it erupting with volumetrics, got lots of other models I need to make though so can’t see myself doing it any time soon…


Ah, New Zealand… must be an amazing place to live, especially when compared to the very flat Netherlands :slight_smile:

Hi oogsnoepje

its defiantly has heaps of contrasts with regards to scenery where I live its only one hour to the ocean, but the towns and citys are the same as anyware else in the world, good spots and bad spots.

Nice. I love nature.