Cool Western character

I was in the beginning trying to make a photorealistic female head but…

It ended up like this.

just goes to show you - models sometimes have a mind of there own. If a project goes in a different direction that you planned sometimes it’s wise to see where it ends up before you try and force it back.
Nice picture by the way.

that’s a really beautifull toonish render [!] [!] [!]

Thats a great use of toon. It looks just like the characters in the XIII cut sequences.

That’s fantastic! One of the best toon renders I’ve seen in a long time.

When you get rid of some of those jagged edges, post an update for us, eh?

I like the styile… looks like vector graphics

Well I didnt subd the model because it looked to clean. Like this I get a cartoon felleing to it. But I shall finish him. Unlike my other models Ive been working on.


man, if you can keep this style working for you throughout, you’ve got something really cool going. (Already looks really good, btw)
I’d love to see animation of this char in this style of render.

I agree with the positive comments above, this rocks!

I really like the blocky edge look,it makes it very graphical
Great stlyle.

Small uppdate…

Looking good. Suggestions: the belt ( or is it belts) look a little weird, coming through the body in the back, no buckle. On the neck add a neckerchief. Most western people (cowboys) had one because of the dust.
It’s fun to watch this progress. And the above comments are observations not critizims.