Cooperation for producing still images

Hello everybody.

I need a 3D artist. Who doesn’t?

Allow me to explain: I’m a retired photographer. I’ve always been dragged to 3D pictures but I find them always a bit unrealistic.
Don’t get upset by this, I find even Alita or Princess Leia not 100% convincing. The only one that fooled me was General “What’s is name” in Star war.

The reason for these defect is that they are made for movies and therefore everything must be done by machines, almost everything must be done 3D.

This is not my purpose.

My purpose is to produce still images for advertising or book covers that will be 100% photo-realistic.

The idea would be to have a 3D model with a lighting, proportions and position close to the final image, to import it in Photoshop and to “make it real” there in 1 or 2 days. It is less simple that it sounds.

The 3D artist’s job would be to provide a still image that I could use as a Low Frequency layer in a Split Frequency apparatus in Photoshop.

My job would be to produce the High Frequency layer that will give the image a 100% realistic effect. Since I have a large degree of freedom the model doesn’t need to look like the final image. We can build any face with the same 3D model, it will be my job to adapt the still image to specifications.

I’ve tried this process on the image from the link below. I took full body image from a 1080px video image, cropped it on the face resulting in a very poor portrait 350px height. Then I made it a 60cm (300ppi) image with all the defect you can imagine and I then used this image as the LF layer and did my magic from there. I think it kind of worked and I’d like it to try it from a 3D image to have the light I want and not the light from the video.

I’ll explain further if any one is interested.

Here is the link, more samples on request.