Cooperation for producing still images

H This is an offer for a collaboration. Unpaid at the moment 50/50basis later.

I’m a former company, but an individual now.

My blog is here where I explain better what I am trying to do.

My website is here (former, classical photography work)

I need a designer with a rigged female model. The job is to put the model in the right position and light it as per request in order to produce a light map (or in Photoshop words a low frequency layer for a split frequency apparatus).

There is no deadline but if I don’t find someone I’ll do it myself (boring, very).

The project is explained in detail on my blog (first link above). In short the purpose is to produce 100% photographic still images for advertising. Budget is nil for the moment but who knows. On the other hand if you know your way around your software it’s something like 1-2h for each photo. Rather easy.

It should be a job for an advanced beginner but I’ve frequently noticed they are not prone to think outside the box. Experienced people are more often open for suggestions.