cooperative work : falling worlds

falling worlds

game features

graphics : 3D
Language : English
Type : 3rd person view action/ adventure
mode : real characters
age : nowadays

==== the characters

a gang of 5 heros who use thier special equipments " that they created" , to rescue
the world from a new nuclear weapon which evil austin created


1- spy/leader Female <<< main character >>> , controlable

name : jade
Age : 23
speciality : spy/leader

2- spy#2 Male
name :- basch

3- spy#3 Female

name :- heather

4- technician Male

5- Manager Male

please suggest names + (c.v.)s or new characters or story .


** story **

please read other documents before this one

Scene 0
@north pole @ morning

penguins are in crisis because of the plants which is leaking a lot of poisnous
instances .

// a look of the factories (@ dawn) ,too

scene 1
@woods of south Africa

it’s Monday 3:03 AM <<soft rain>>

//the team makes meeting in thier secret lab behinde the water fall at 3 AM

//each Monday .

heather drives her bicycle throgh the woods to appraoch the cave , to
have the meeting with the members .

<< rushing her bicycle dew to
the delay of 3 minuts >>

she makes an accident with a tree and crush her hand and bicycle and
lose consciousness .

scene 2
@woods then hospital

at the same night , a wolf sees her and when it jumps to attack , a hunter
hunts it , …
and the hunter takes heather to the hospital .

scene 3
@ labaratory
the rest of the members try to call her , but no response …

jade is drawing the plan on the chalkboard <<chalkboard.mp3>>

basch :- it seems that heather is dead . no clue of her presence .

jade :-… I have a strong feeling telling
me that she is alive .

:- whatever happened , you must continue our mission .
:- next station is danvun caverns

scene 4
@ labartory // mission one briefing

jade :- we must enter danvun caves hideout to restore the power cells which
evil austin had stolen

… to be continued << continue it with us as how you want >>>

pic of jade that i have drew
if you want to join the team , PM me to tell how to enter  the game forum that i have created for it

if you are a programmer , modeler , texture painter , level maker just join the team

this project is seriouse ,
i have recorded the chalckboard sound as example

sorry , i know the story is not organized , not yet

and also the MerkSoft LOGO WMV 0.5 mega

Yeah. I’ll join you. Nice logo. I’ll be able to do some modeling, and level design mostly. That’s what I’m best at in the GE. Oh, and I’m an artist so some concept art as well.

the forum password was sent to you dakka^2 … wouldn’t anyone join ¿

i’m on the work of the scene number one … images will be sent soon

edit :- why no one replies ?

i’m now modelling jade, the model will be here soon

Good to hear, as it might mean this thread will get a little more interest. The problem you have at the moment is that you have only told us you are serious and given us some character names (and a very vague concept sketch). Whereas the people on this forum need to see you are serious about this project through screenshots of modelling and of actual progress to take you seriously.

Oh and i think the fact that you’ve password protected your forum may have put some people off (me for instance, i dunno about everyone else).

Hey, I would really like to join the team. I could do some modeling. Probably level design to. And in the near future scripting. I’m learning python really fast.

Id love to join, but am too busy just now. Sounds like it would be fun to model and texture for.

A second thought. Perhaps instead of nuclear threat it could be something about saving the world from global warming… Some corporation that is installing plants all over the world that are opening the hole in the ozone layer?

That would be ok, except for 1 major flaw:


I still want to join. Why don’t they send me the password? By the way, 3DGURU, I’m a Blender GE Pro now. Thanks. :wink:

Hi all , laky_spy i was busy fixing the pc , i have seen your posts now , the password will be sent by privat messages, even if you are noob , your welcome :slight_smile: , anyone want to join is welcomed

evil austin’s head (the texture is just an alternative it willl be changed)

i’m waiting for members

if you joined the forum then you will be able to DLD the blend files :slight_smile:
i’m working on scene#1

I’d like to help, but I don’t know if you’d want the help i can give… I’m a good low-poly modeler though and my riggings alright, plus i can write some kick ass songs.
if you think i could help pm me

for sure , welcome :slight_smile: , i will PM you

this is a model i made, it’s not uv’d cause i suck at that, but very low poly for a character
as for music, i use fruity loops and compose from there. I also use sibelius for actual compositions, but for this type of project i think fruity loops.
edit forgot to mention… no hands! don’t know how to do them without 400-MILLION triangles


can you upload a jpg file because i’m in an internet caf’e (i have requested internet connection at home , after a month it will be ready)

I can help. Can do just about anything except python programming. (but i am learning that)

venar your modelling is good , … pass is sent

I can help. Can do just about anything except python programming. (but i am learning that)

ok , can you give us a sample