Coordinate questions

Hi again, everyone. I’m trying to figure out ways to speed up my modelling, so I have some questions in that regard related to coordinates. Is there a way to:

  1. give multiple vertices the exact same X/Y/Z coordinate? Say two vertices are respectively at 11 and 62 on the X axis. I want them both at 3 on the X axis. Is there a way to change the value in the X box so that they both go to 3? Highlighting both doesn’t work - the mean/median (I don’t know which) of both vertices goes to 3 instead.

  2. set multiple connected vertices to the mean/median X/Y/Z value in their set without changing it manually for each? I.e. if I select three vertices in a row, with their X values at 4, 6, and 8, is there some command that will set them all to an X value of 6?

  3. make vertices/edges distribute themselves evenly without doing it manually? For example, if I have a cylinder and I move the edges around so that they’re varying lengths apart from each other, and then I need them equidistant to each other again, how would I (could I?) do that?

Thanks for reading.

Use your snapping and pivot options to scale along axis.
If you want some element to be the reference for others, use active element pivot (alt+period), select that element last to make it active and scale to 0 along an axis.
If you need some other point in space to be the reference, place your 3D cursor in there and use 3D cursor pivot option. Snap menu (shift+S) helps to snap to objects and grid.

Snapping to mesh elements is also possible. Change the snapping type with ctrl+shift+tab and hold down ctrl and point your mouse cursor to a snapping target while moving your vertex or other elements.

For distributing vertices like that you could use to sphere with 100% influence (alt+shift+s, 1) or looptools addon circle option to make a circle. Looptools also has space option which distributes vertices equal distance apart.

Thanks, JA12, that was exactly what I was looking for. The controls take some getting used to, but they work. Much appreciated.