Coordinates in Blender

Hey lot,

I’m an advanced user in Cinema4D but (not so) recently I noticed a whole lot of bad stuff going on behind the easy-to-use-interface.

So finally I’ve found the courage to face blender.

To get back to my question:
In Cinema4D I had alot of visual tools and one of those was the ‘coordinates-manager’.
Obviously it showed the coordinates of objects, points, etc. .
Is there a simular option/function/tool in blender?
And is it also possible to transfer points/objects, etc. to a specified coordinate with it?

But since I am a bit greedy, I don’t take satisfaction with this info only :evilgrin:
So my second question goes as following.
In Cinema4D ‘Modifiërs’ are concidered to be objects.
So for instance the mirror-object mirrors around the center of this object.
This was easy to adjust through these coordinates.
How can I adjust the point of which to mirror from in blender?

Many thanks in advance,

Pressing the N key brings up the Transform Properties panel where you can see the object/vertex coordinates and its scale and rotation. You can manually change these by direct typing in values


Very nice indeed.
Many thanks to you Richard.
This works but I seem to encounter another problem, which is more generally, so I’ll get myself another topic for this one.

I have been doing C4D for some time as well. So what bad stuff are you talking about?

The main difference between Blender and C4D is that buttons in Blender that needs to be activated are all over the place. It is not cleanly organized as C4D. Also, when it comes to parts of project, object included, they are all data based and “linked.” This makes it convenient for 100 people to be working on the same project all at once! It is nice, but the system makes simple file handling a challenge!

Mirror in Blender is under modifier. The mirror takes place about the object center; the yellow dot. Object center can’t be just grabbed and moved. So, one way to build using mirror is to start from symmetrical object with object center already in place and erase half of the geometry to be filled in with mirror. Technically you can move the object center by using 3D curser center to snap to it.

                   I have been doing C4D for some time as well.  So what bad stuff are  you talking about?

The editor is too easily overloaded. This is my main problem with c4d.
Even Maya runs way more smooth on my system than c4d.

Besides I like the idea of a Blender-chalange, a minus cost of minimum $3000 and being part of an opensource community. =p