hi there…

i wasnt sure where to post this, but hopefully someone can help.

i was just wondering if anyone knew the units in which the X, Y, Z coordinates are in–for all 3: location, rotation, and size. thanks!!

rotation is in degrees, and size and location are measured in grid units.

thanks!! though…what are grid units :expressionless:

They’re whatever you want them to be.

Strictly speaking for the game engine, Blender assumes 1 unit = 1 meter, but if you don’t deal with the real time engine, they could be anything.


the grid is the thing in the 3D window that looks like a big sheet of gray graph paper.

how do i go about changing the units of grid units :-?

just imagine they’re not meters but inches, lightyears or nanometers

see, the thing is, is that i need to convert X, Y, Z coordinates which are in Angstroms, into units that i can use in Blender, using the grid units, essentially. any clues as to how to do that

What you do is to establish some scale: “one angstrom equals X blender-units.” Of course if you want the user to be able to zoom in or out on the display, one way to do that is by changing the scale. The number, the scale, can be absolutely anything you wish, as long as the app is consistent.

all that counts are the proportions. if you have the measurements in angstrom, just say one blender unit is one angstrom. blender doesn’t care abt. the “real” size. (maybe yafray does for radiosity calculations, but i don’t think proper lighting counts in such small structures :))

sorry to be so bothersome… :expressionless:

but…is there anyway i can designate, lets say im working with a simple sphere for now. is there anyway i can say, i want my initial frame for the sphere to be in this X,Y,Z position, ‘record it’, then in the next frame designate a new X,Y, Z position for the sphere and ‘record it’ again

yep, you do it exactly like that.
move the sphere into place (in object mode!) and press I, select “Loc” for location. Then change frame, move it somewhere else and press I, choose Loc again.

To fiddle with the animation curves and keyframes after you’ve done this press Shift+F6 (Shift+F5 to get back to the 3D view)