Coorinate and Vertices questions.

I have a few questions I havent been able to find the answers to.

I have a mesh with 290 vertices. how can I reduce this number without overal affecting the shape of my mesh? I know in 3dsmax there’s the optimize modifier.

also, how can I put an opject to coordinates? everytime I select my object and move the coordinates move also and my object stays where I left it. however, when I go to move it again, all the coords are back at 0.00000 even though the object didnt move from it’s last set place.

thanks :slight_smile: I know it’s alot but Im barely learning blender and couldn’t find thse answers in the online doc.s

I just read a thread that mentions to try and use the decimator tool. but I can’t find the button for it in blender. can someon post a screenshot or tell me what panel it’s located in please?

nevermind found the decimator slider.