Cop character

Hi all,

i am currently working on this cartoony cop character. I started out with sculptris, made a retopo in blender and started sculpting again. This time the design is by myself :slight_smile: (before that, i made a character from a dreamworks movie “The Road to El Dorado”, “Miguel” ) Still need to add some details on the belt and his accessories, and retopo it afterwards.

Theses are the drawings i started with

Finished retopo and small render update:

pretty much identical to the concept, for my taste the crotch of the jeans is too round and the knee area just a little bit too small… but in it’s genre it’s cool, nice materials!

Cool, I really like the design.

GREAT Man ! That model is just perfect ! I would love to see him animated ! Who made the sketch?

Did you sculpt or extrusion modeling?

Man, I saw your homepage and there’s only one thing I can say - I AM YOUR FAN! Great character and splendid animations! Keep up the good work!

kiriri: I am not yet finished, and will try to integrate your notes

Holmen: Thank you!

Animaticoide: Thank you. I did the sketch myself :slight_smile: Hope to be animating him soo as well

rozmiarek: Thank you very much, i also adore your Sapper Rat and the 15 mins of glory image!