Copenhagen Metro drink

This is a project I did in my design class, awaiting critique. It is a soft drink that could theoretically be sold in the Copenhagen Metro on the platforms.

It is inspired by the award winning cylindral metro signs that stand beside each station. Here is a reference pic of that (unfortunately the bottom is cut off):

Here is a design variation with small spots:

Which one do you prefer?

Rendered with Blender Internal. BTW, it is not meant to be a standard 33 cl can. It’s meant to be the same size as the Cult bottles (


Not like any soda can i’ve seen. Or maybe we don’t have those in america :-?

Unless you have Cult or Cocio you don’t :P. I think you can get Carlsbergs in this shape too though.

Cans here are made of aluminum, wheres yours looks more like chrome… oversight, or intentional?

I prefer the one above.

We have tons of cans like that in the states…Redbull, Monster, …uh, pretty much any energy drink comes in those style cans. :slight_smile: Looks good!

I like the spotted version better, somehow it looks more like an actuall soda can… :-?


looks like a redbull can. very cool and minimalistic. i like it.

Haha… this just made me think.

To some people, Coke and Pepsi cans are art, because someone had to use their creativity to design them. I usually just take those things for granted.

Thanks for the comments

It’s supposed to be made of aluminium. Aluminium produces very blurry reflections, but unfortunately this isn’t supported in Blender (yet). Maybe I could apply a slight procedural bump map, but do you have any specific suggestions on how to create a good looking aluminium material?

So do I, but it’s always interesting to hear what other people think.

Good strong design, Monkeyboi. And the lighting is very well done. I prefer the non-dotted version as well.

The comment/suggestion I would like to make is more to do with the design and not Blender. I looked a the link for the real metro sign. It might be a good idea to try creating a line similar to the stylised map of the rail lines on the sign. Maybe just suggest that forking line shape with light dots or something. Something you could try.