Copied and Pasted Lights, not working

Hi All,

Am new to blender and have some rudimentary understanding of 3D coming from After Effects BG.

I have a model building with 8 floors. I lighted up the top level with some lights. How i created the top level lighting setup is “Copy and Paste” and hence created a grid arrangement.

Now i want the same light setup on all the other lower floors. It seems that as I go further and further down with the copy and paste technque the “pasted” lighting setup simply does not cast anymore light on the floor.

I have tried

  • Creating a brand new light to cast on the lower floors, but nothing happens.
  • MOVING the original top floor lights seems to work on all floors.
  • Restarting my system, restarting the program.
  • Importing the object into another scene

All seems to fail.

Please guide me.

If this is Eevee you’re using you probably have hit the limits of the max number of lights in the scene, I think it’s 128 max.

Many thanks for the quick respond. Yes you are right! I hit the Cycles for rendering and the lights turn out well. Movinf forward, what kind of lighting/technique should i do to mimic similar effect but not using “Cycles”?

My impression is that Evee seems to work the bets and fastest…

My Blenderskills are a bit rusty (haven’t been playing with it for quite some time now) so forgive me if I got it wrong but I think you could try assigning each story’s interior of the building (including lighting) to a separate collection, then make a view layer for every collection (with the rest of the collections hidden). Each story can then be rendered separately and the lot of them can be composited together afterward. It will no longer be realtime but it should get the job done I think.

Yes, it should work, it’s pretty much what’s being explained in this tutorial:

Thanks. I did a brutish solution by increasing the wattage of the lights and coverage area , hence less no of lights, more or less same coverage. And manage to render out as one scene. =D

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