Coping with a woman's emotions - low poly art


this is a piece I made in honor to all my fellow male civilians that have suffered the emotional changes that women have from one second to another. And you just get caught between storms, being yelled at, then hugged with a smile, then suddenly you see sadness in their faces. #[email protected]#[email protected]##@@#~€@~#

Whatever. You just deal with it in the best way you can, because, it is just another day of predicted unpredictable weather.

Cheers to you, mates.

Well, yeah, jokes aside, I thought this piece while in the shower after being woke up by some yelling, knowing that in two hours I would be treated like if nothing ever happened in the morning. You can only laugh after this.

Hope it brings a smile on someone’s faces!


after the suggestions from @jjjuho


Beautiful colours and mood.

I think camera should have clearer main focus point, now background and the guy fishing compete for the focus of the viewer. If camera would be closer to water surface and fisher man this would be fixed and would therefore make image more compelling :slight_smile:

gj anyway!

thanks for the suggestion! you are completely right about the focus point, even if it was kind of intended by the nature of it’s concept with human’s relationship.

Thanks for commenting!

Great idea and awsome result!
I would add something to say that its about woman’s emotions. I wouldm’t know it without the title. You can add a Huge woman in the background or something like that (or just add the woman anywhere in the size of the man).


Well, I know the motive behind the image would not be clear without a title, but that is the purpose behind it. You dont really need to be literal with an image to correspond a title. Otherwise there would be so many art pieces at museums that would be just crap lol :D!

It is just a metaphor, and metaphors arent clear if you dont give an explanation. Sure, there are many good metaphors that dont really need a title or explanation, but I guess mine just isnt :P. And it is intended.

I will probably do a change and It will be fixing the focus on the image, as jjjuho suggested, and see how it ends.

Thanks for comenting tho! I really apreciate your time :slight_smile: