Coposite nodes performace 2.77a

Hi just wondering if the comp node editor is supposed to be Cpu accelerated only ?? Gpu load on my GTX 660ti is around 5% but AMD Cpu load is around 100% on all 8 cores so feed back has tons of lag ,have tried both win 8.1 and 7 does it run better on Linux? if so might give that a go…

Thanks for any feed back

There’s a button “OpenCL” on N-tab in Compositor. This relates to just certain nodes afaik.
Other than that - calculating gradients and blur for 4k image is about the same speed/load in win or linux.

Ok Thanks eppo I will give that a go… I found a bit of a work around , I added a render scale node at the start and set it to 50 %
I got a good performance speed up while editing , I was So used to the good speed of the open GL view port thought I might get the same with the compositor (haven’t used it that much) I guess it must be CPU based.


Holy crap don’t know why that thumb nail is so huge