Coppercube - a 3d engine for Flash and Windows

Hi guys,
Niko (Irrlicht’s creator) has just released his new program at Ambiera (software development site):
You can publish directly to web via swf or to an executable. Coppercube takes care of everything!
Blender has great support exporting to .b3d using gandaldf’s b3d exporter:
Then all you gotta do is model and ligthmap in blender, export to b3d, launch coppercube, import the b3d file, add stuff to your scene in its editor and publish!

Coppercube supports other 3d formats as well, many of them common to blender.

Check out the demos at the website. Beta is downloadable now, the final product will be commercial.


I can see this being used for model previewing.

Thanks for sharing

Cool! interesting use of the tool! :wink:
The beta is pretty much 100% functional, so it should give you “a good taste” of the program.


I think CD posted something about this the other day; from what I saw it seemed really slow :frowning:

I posted this about a few days ago, but yes, it is very slow, which explains the fact that when doing 3D with Adobe software, you’re much better off with Director.

Really? I apologize Cyborg Dragon, I usually check when placing news to avoid double posting, but in this case I guess I didn’t search well enough. :frowning:

About the speed issue, I just loaded a semi-complex model and it loaded fine and ran at a decent speed. However, it may be a good point to let Niko about it, to see if any improvements can be done on this regard.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Alvaro F. Celis