Coppercube with blender / 3D game & app creation no-coding

Dear fellow blender heads,

recently I’ve learned about a very cool & free solution for all of you who are interested in 3D game & app creation without much programming or no-coding at all:

In the actual Ambiera New Year Sale you even get the Pro version within the next 6 days for only 26 EUR! (which is absolutely worth it by customizable splash screen, video playback support, etc. … / regular price >80 EUR) (I am not affiliated with the developer):

Don’t be sad about the loss of the old blender game engine or lose track with the new blender game engine blender forks.

Simply try out Coppercube. In cooperation with blender you can create 3D games and apps insanely fast and easy with Coppercube.

I managed to create the following example with Coppercube in about two days:
(SHA256: c3dd79cd44863bb5b69274a68edefe9df22470eb3284a1f12dd501cc18c3fea6)

Coppercube runs smooth on Windows & my Mint 19.3 Linux with Wine and has also Mac support.

Happy blending.

And light theme by default! Gosh, I feel personally attacked!

But jokes aside, it looks like a good tool at a glance. And it doesn’t seem like it struggles at producing executables out of the box so it’s got a leg up on our old GE, folks. I mean heck, maybe we should start recommending this to anyone who asks how to do things with logic bricks, see if that cleans up the support section a bit. Hehe.

There is also free (as in free-speech) Godot Engine (MIT licensed)

These free (as in free-beer) game engines are usually limited versions of their paid offerings. Also there is no guarantee the company will start charging tomorrow. Free (as in free-speech) licenses protect users from the programs they have invested in learning going proprietary in the future.

Thanks for your contribution, which is totally right in most points.

But folks, don’t worry in this case: as far as my experience and research allow, the development philosophy behind Coppercube is very user and community friendly.

Coppercube comes from Nikolaus Gebhardt the main developer of the open source realtime engine “3D Irrlicht engine”.

So I guess, we are not talking about money hungry game development system providers who make their users dependent with aggressive DRM “features”, various subscription models and so on.

Admittedly talking about later versions that keep up to date could be more strict in everything. But with Coppercube 6 you get a great simple to use free 3D game development engine with a full set of features now that once downloaded, no one can ever take away from you or prune in the future.

Besides, let’s take a close look at Coppercube 6 Free vs. Pro comparison:
The Pro version offers only four comparatively unimportant additional features, that don’t come with the free version:

1.) post processing effects? -> your scenes can also look amazing without this with the Free version
2.) video playback? -> nothing a 3d game needs primarily in-game, there are also workarounds for this with animated textures or external solutions
3.) customizable loading screen logo? -> lots of commercial Unity projects show the Unity splash screen at the beginning, so no show stopper here
4.) command line interface? who needs this as a mainly no-coding Coppercube user?

Conclusion: Coppercube Free really offers all you need. If you should need the mentioned 4 additional Pro features most users won’t, these days you can get them for only 26 EUR as a little support for such a great software and developer.

Godot is of course a real free and promising great project, but in my experience still not easy to use without proper programming skills. I wish a blender game engine or Godot could offer what I can get out of Coppercube’s simplicity and potential at the moment, but these first ones don’t. Please, have a look at my example project mentioned in my 1st post.

I would also prefer free open source solutions (OS, drivers & software) anytime as long as they exist. So I just wanted to point out Coppercube to inform about it and help out other interested blender users. If someone can name an equivalent free open source alternative to Coppercube, go ahead dear critics.

Happy blending.