Hey Guys, this is a really short Finished Project, but I wanted to show it anyway.
This is a test animation I did with CopperRain Productions ( in mind.

It’s supposed to be a penny that falls and then splashes like it’s a rain drop. There are still problems, like it should splash sooner and such. But I think I’m done with it.
What do you think?

Does’nt really look like a copper splash, the splash is the same color as the BG.
I don’t really know how to help you though, maybe someone else on here can. I suck with the fluid sim.

hehe yeah, It was a first time really putting it to good use.
The idea is that the penny turns into a rain drop as it contacts the ground, and then splashes (like water eh?)
thanks all the same!

Great concept - I have a suggestion.

Try this: Make fluid sim with a fairly large X and Y domain, with some copper coloured liquid in it. Use the penny as a fluid obsticle and drop it in.

Bake the simulation

Now place your pavement just above the still fluid surface so that the splash from the penny penetrates it upwards and looks like the penny splashing into copper.

Make sure it really fills the viewing space as well!

The splash is a little hard to make out. I suggest you make the background a little different color then what you have.

Shouldn’t this be in Blender Tests?

Yeah, Id say put it in this projectrs WIP, if it has one.

Lol, Id tell you what I thought, But Ive got a youtube blocker on all my computers :stuck_out_tongue: