Cops & Robbers - Online project, help wanted.

I have, for some time now, been working on CR-O, i have planned alot of fun, and totally possible features such as

  • Police - Arresting, wanted system.
  • Civilian - Business ownership, working.
  • Criminal - Robbery (such as a civilian or a business), crime.
  • All classes - Cars, houses, food, drink, money, health.I had originally planned and designed the game to be First person, but i have reconsidered after some research and tests and now settled on a Third Person setup.
    My first release will be a simple deathmatch mode, and i will then, hopefully develop it futher possibly with some help. I will need some beta testers to help, well, test the game, it’s compatibility, search for bugs etc…



These character models i know aren’t great, they are just quickly made models so i can test them out in the world. I will be working on more, detailed models sometime after i have the basic deathmatching nailed.

Interested in helping? Joining me on this “quest”;)?

Please do PM me via these forums, you could, however fill out the form in “Job Vacancies” on the site, but that is mostly for non Blender artists members.

I currently see the project demanding:

  • 3D Modellers

  • Programmers

  • Concept artists

  • Texture artists

  • Sound artist(s)A few side jobs would include:

  • Forum Moderators

  • Website designBut they would come at a later date.

More on the website, yes i made one :p:

All in all i don’t know how far this will get; i’m hoping i can at least make the deathmatch mode and then whatever else i/we can accomplish. The development has been fun and smooth, hopefully that can continue.

C&C Appreciated.
One last thing, this is totally possible believe me. :wink:

Brave. :wink:

looks like you got a big jump on it already :slight_smile:

sounds like a fun game, good luck with this :slight_smile:

I love the models =p


Since this is a recruitment thread, it should be named as such.

Good luck.

Hey braveheart i would really like to help with your project as i wanted to do something similar myself except it would be cops and chavs not cops and robbers.
This is a screenshot (below) of the game i was gonna try and make “Chavs of war - dole day” but i couldn’t make the camera work how gears of war has it so i gave up for a while.

makaveli : They are some nice models there, they look to me as if they would consist of allot of polys. Please PM me with a little more info and we can maybe discuss first.

Social: Yeah, i suppose so. Edited the title :slight_smile:

MagicMyshu: Hehe, i was waiting for someone to say that =D


Thanx braveheart for the comments on my models.
I don’t think that my models consist of alot of polys really, i not sure how to find the exact number.

concept artists! Simply for the fact that my drawing skills aren’t of high quality to display on the site, i would much rather someone good at drawing fill this role.

Programmers! I have basic coding knowledge, but i would love to have someone who is of good programming knowledge, to assist me and create scripts that are far from my capabilities.

Modellers! There’s a lot of things to be modelled, and doing it alone would be very time consuming and would drag me away from the other important aspects of the game development.

High poly/rendering modellers! We need a good splash page with a high quality render, and i’m not to hot at texturing for rendering adding effects etc…, i’m to used to UV and the GE. We could also use them as downloadable backgrounds or avatars for the forums.

Please PM me if you would like to fill one of the above roles!

PS: I finally got my blender running once again! I will continue to work on CR-O.

Brave. :wink:

Alright, i have good news. I have finally got the client-server set up and working!
We still need the above help, PM away!


Braveheart, are you sure that you are ready to make an online game?
Have you ever made an online game before? I must warn you, making online in python requires LOTS and LOTS of CPU, and can easily make a game run at unplayable framerates.

If you are going to make an online game, then do not build the online to go with the game, you need to build the game to go with the online

If this is your first time making an online game, then you are probably not ready, you need to start off with small tests, get a feel for sockets, otherwise, you are most likley to just end up with a mangled bunch of scripts, and alot of frustration.

Brave: Yeah, and does this mean you’re not on the monkey project anymore?


Chaser knows what he’s talking about, so you would be wise to listen.

Geez. With all those people working on that thing, you’d think it would be done by now.

It could make the game unplayable? Is this because of blender? Or python?

Is it possible to export the game, made in blender, to a more powerful engine for compiling and networking?


Yeah, sockets, depending on how you do it, can take a huge performance hit. Also, sockets are very picky, and plus, you’ll need a chat lobby, and all that stuff.

I’m currently working on an online game, and it’s not exactly a walk in the park… Much much much easier said then done.

Making an online game is a whole different ballgame then making socket tests.

One problem, the game somehow got added on wikipedia’s list of free mmos… meaning people have already come and one guy in particular is getting reaaaal excited about it.

We could still do some socket tests first… probably won’t be enough but what the hell let’s try to make this anyway. If we fail we fail, no harm done…

@Chaser: Check out “Twisted” it’s a python written networking “engine” witch is event driven, better than using sockets?


I have no clue how to use it though, so it’s no use to me yet. :o

twisted :spin: is just an event driven ‘framework’ (i geuss thats the right word for it) which you could use for sockets but you would still have to write the socket part (i pretty sure anyway).

it uses loops so it wouldn’t work in blender anyway.

Is this because of blender? Or python?

python because its not the fastest language and blender becasuse you cant run independant loops in python.

Based on the replies and tests we have built, we are now going to create CR-O in C++, we are going to use the Ogre Graphics Engine in comparison with the irrlicht game engine. Supposedly, the irrlicht game engine is much much faster than blender and would be a better option for handling an online game.

Is this a good idea?

Would making a Client-Server set up in C++ work?

How long would a basic one take to set up? How difficult would it be?

When that is in the bag we will need to host the server somewhere, any suggestions?

What about if i wanted C++ to check a directory of account files registered by the users, where could i hold all these files server side? Mysql database? Could C++ query a mqsql?

EDIT: I was told Python is a lot easier for this kind of stuff, so most likely be using python.

I have never used anything other then the sockets for online-ness in python, but I believe that sockets aren’t slow, its the python itself, that is slow.

If you handel it correctly, then you game should run good.

Just remember that a server is more then just tranfering some messages…

It’s the server that is hard, not the client.

this looks pretty good…will you release the .blend file for people to look at as like a template for online games?