Coptercave | Beta2 | With screenshots!!!


Directlink to screenshot:

Okay, this is it, beta2, all 8 maps finished, it was planned to be 10 maps, but I found out it´s better to use that time from create 2 more maps making the game more goodier look instead.
Well, it´s only the .blend-file this time, coz u guys only wanna .blend-files, the game is still whole 12-something Megabyte big, but I will try to compress it as good as I can at the finalversion.
12mb is not a big deal for most of u, I hope. :slight_smile:

Any feedback is wanted, coz I want to make this one comlete as possible.
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Great game (even though I could only beat levels, 1, 2, 3, and 8):smiley:

I might suggest improving the beginning to each level, where it shows the general outline of each map. It just didn’t look very visually appealing.
A suggestion for a level, having multiple paths to take, with some leading to dead ends, so it would make it worthwhile planning a path to take, before just starting a level.
One last suggestion :wink: having the landing pad only be able to land on with the landing gear of the helicopter. This wouldn’t be too hard to implant, and would give a bit of realism to the game, rather than landing upside down :smiley:

Overall, good job! Nothing big to improve on, pretty simple concept, just a couple levels too hard for my taste:p Keep it up!

I played all the maps by my own, and I succed all of them, the best way to succed the maps is to not hurry, and fly slow.
Well, I had a little problem to make it landing on the gears, maybe I try to do it wrong way, dunno, however I didn´t wasted much time to solve that.
Well, then I was first started the project, I had mutliple paths in my mind, but somehow forgot it then I designed the maps, this is something for a possible second game of the concept.

I will spend the most time to make the game looks better, in this case fix up the texture, fix up the sounds, also a cool intro of the “company” or something.
“yeahman - games for gamers who wanna play some games” or like that…

guauuuuu man
very fun game
congratulations mr_yeahman
i remember the choplifter game arcade:
good job mr_yeahman…