Coptercave the finalversion ready for download

Nothing much to say here, all info and screenshots in this link:

But the comments is to be in this thread.

EDIT: changed “threat” to “thread”

THE .BLEND-FILE INCLUDE, unpacked textures and samples to save space. but ofcourse they also are included.

you mean thread.

unless you’re threatening us… >_>

As I’ve said before, it’s a nice little game.
But, I don’t like the “one control only/mouse” setup!?
The game looses it interest in my opinion!
Somme little animations, some little bonus/score?
Keep blending

lol, it was the first alpha who had one controll only-setup, this version u will control the helicopter with the arrowskeys on the T-board. U also have more levels and stuff, try it out…

I’m a Linux user so I’ve downloaded the .b file?!

The .blend-file include in the package, I also unpacked the samples and textures, everything in one map, you will not waste space on your harddrive if you download it include the .exe who is only at around 0.5 mb

That was quite a challenging little game, yeahman. I just played it straight through, and I enjoyed it. (I had to skip level 7, though, because it was frustrating me. It is too hard at the end.) I liked the music that you selected, and the game ran very smoothly.

Minor criticism:
It seems that you spent a bit more time texturing the first few levels than you did on the later ones. Some of the last levels seem poorly textured, and it becomes distracting at points.

You could improve the game by adding a fuel bar that acts as a time limit. Also, if the levels were more like mazes instead of single paths it would add a second challenge of trying to remember where you are going. It might also be fun to rescue lost people in the cave. Those are just some thoughts I had. If you don’t want to do anymore work on the game, I suppose that’s fine too. It’s fun the way it is.

Okay, great that you enjoyed it.
About improvements, like making the maps to maze-style and better texturework, I will probably not make it in this game, but it will be implented if I do a second game about the same concept, “coptercave2” or something.
I know the texturework at some maps wasn´t great, but It was a pretty hard to fix that without rebuild the maps, but for a next time, I will not make same misstake.
Dunno when next coptercave going to be made, I have only 3 weeks vacation left, then it´s time to me to study for 2 years. I don´t know how much time I will have left to make a game, but I will do my best to make another playable game.:slight_smile:

Well, that was fun! One thing i found annoying was that when you crash the music restarts, it got very annoying, i suggest having the one track play all the way through and have lives, you could add an explosion and explosion sound when you hit the sides and simply re-spawn the copter again without needing to restart the whole scene!

I agree with blendenzo, either a maze and/or rescuing people would be fun, would give the game a sort of story and a point for being in the caves!

Well, I been thinking on a new similar game to this, but it´s no big deal to talk about it before I´m even sure if I going to make anything of it.
But if so, it will have somekind of story and mazestyle.
More of that probably some weeks later…:smiley: