Copy a colour to a mesh

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if there’s a way to copy a colour from say, paint or gimp and paste that exact same colour onto a face of your mesh in blender. And if you can’t do this, is there something you can do that will look the same?(not uv-mapping).


you could open the image in the uv image editor, and use the color picker from the material shader slot to color pick from the image. Or if you have the exact hex or rgb input, you can type them in instead.

Thanks Craig.

I used the colour pick suggestion you posted, and it worked perfectly.

sorry, I found this takes a lot of timeI was wondering if you could select the colour you want from the uv editor then just say, right click on a face and make it that colour with out havening to go through the process of making a new texture per colour.

like vertex paint mode, except face paint.

You can assign Material to faces; Material can have Color alone and Texture, if needed. One object can have bunch of Materials assigned to different faces, no UV unwrap involved at all - select needed faces in edit mode and assign material - there is Assign button for that.
Color picker for material works if color is sampled from UV editor window so that you can have some image there to sample particular color range.
Created materials could be reused on other objects too.