copy a ipo curve in 2.49b

i have 4 identical sets of railroad gearsets - the wheels and harms etc.
one i have actually got to work!
how do i copy the pose mode ipo curves to the other ones?
i tried clicking on the bits with the ipo curve open - didnt work

In IPO window In the little box next to the tack data block names. name your IP . Select your second object …in data block click arrow and click the name you just named( you dont really gotta name it only to help remember it ) presto its done!. Remember is you have a location the new object will move. Thats the ipo curves
For a action or bone I cant do that but you can duplicate the bone and the action will duplicate and reparent it.
That is if I understand the question

all the new ones are I rot.
blender gave it the name xxx.001
but no amount of clicking will work!
maybe cos it is a pose ilo