Copy action frames to another existing action

Hi all
I was wondering if there was a way to copy frames from one action to another. Right now, I am having to copy each frame at a time using the copy to frame buffer, then switch to a different action, paste the buffer, then instert keyframe. Isn’t there an easier way?

I think this area is for finished animation.
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There’s mocap bvh files that you may want to consider trying using. I’m working on the raw data that, in theory reduces some time. PM me if you need a sample! It’s lots of work to learn, but I’ve figured out most of it.

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Ooppss. This is my first time here in awhile and things are a little different, sorry. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply kbot. Yes I am interested in motion capture animation files being able to work on my rig. I can import them as an armature fine, but when I try to import them as empties I get an error :frowning: But anyways for this particular project I am hand animating my character.
Now that I have been put where I belong (jk), I was wondering if there was a way to copy bone keyframes from one action to another, or to combine actions. I have gotten a little ahead of myself and I have several different actions complete, but now I am having to move them, one frame at a time, all into the same action.
P.S. I just downloaded 2.45 and everything works fantastic thanks to everyone for all the hard work!

Err … you do know that you can just use the NLA (non liner action) editor to mix your actions and such ? I’m not sure what would happen if you have overlapping keys for the same bone but that is what you are supposed to do after you make the basic action in the action editor . Just remember to convert the actions to NLA strips you need to hit the “drowning man” icon into a NLA strips icon (next to the named action itself - not very intuitive but hey once you are told it isn’t that confusing) .

Thanks Vertex Pusher
Yes I understand the NLA editor (fairly). I really enjoy the entire set-up, and it is very easy to combine multiple actions into a scene using it.
But these animations will be exported. And sadly, none of the bundled export scripts export anything from the NLA editor, nor do they export more than one action into a single file. So the entire volume of animations must be combined into one action, I think?

the shortcut/cheat way around that then could be to combine all your animations into one using the NLA editor (as suggested), then selecting the keyframes, copy to buffer, the paste copy/flip (like your doing now) and save the result as a single action. Me thinks anyway…this is just a train of thought that came to me after reading your post…I have no real to way to test this (at work now) so maybe it will work…and maybe it wont lol.

Thanks HouseArrest for replying.
But you cannot copy keyframes from the NLA editor. You can only copy 1 frame at a time from the 3d view window. So there is really no need for me to use it in this case.

I thought you could select a curve and copy the whole thing, or something similar. I came across something like that in a search for creating actions in Blender? But Im sorry to say, I dont remember where.

Maybe try a google search for some key words, blender actions combined ipo. Something like that?

Edit: Since the ipo data blocks are attached to their objects, I think you would just have to export each object and its ipo. You can copy the ipos from one to the other, but from what I just tested, it deleted the copy to object and replaced it with the copied object and ipo. Perhaps I did it incorrectly though.

Hope you find a good work around.

You can’t add(paste) entire curve at a specific point in another one it seems … which is what oldskoolPunk wants to do … it would be nice if you could do that . But you can only paste entire curves not points on a curve .

oldskoolPunk : what are you exporting out to ? Is this for game formats or is it to another 3D app ? If it to a game format I would assume it should be all right to export out individual animations and blend them in the game set up … Or do you know the game engine you are trying to export to supports the Collada format ? Because it can export every frame of your animation (created with the NLA) … But since I have never tried it myself I don’t know how well it works … but hey it wouldn’t hurt to try …

Thanks ititrx I will have a look into that this evening.
Vertex Pusher I am using the .b3d exporter now, because it works so good. The .x exporter works ok also, but there are a few more steps involved when using it, and I can never get the normals to export correctly on a smoothed (vertex normals) mesh. I have read a little about the Collada format, but I thought it was mainly for entire scenes? It can contain light and camera data, ect… I will revisit it and read up on it some more.
Thank you both.