copy action keys?

I made a simple spider which I’ve started animating with the help of bones. After having applied a number of action keys to the bones of one leg, I would like to copy these to the other legs. However I found no such option. If you know how to copy action keys (not in the timeline of one bone, but to others), I would very much appreciate your answer. If you know another way of solving my problem, this would help, too.
Thanks in advance, Tim

I think that with lots of legs, you have to do each side individually, and copy L R poses.
If you aren’t familiar, that means you have say…
And then do one side, and flip pose for the other side.

To copy the keys, just select the IPO from the IPO dropdown to be the same as the one you’ve already keyframed. The keys should then appear in the action editor.

You can then click AddNew to make a copy of that IPO if desired, so that when modified it won’t affect the original IPO


thanks a lot for your answer, that was exactly what I needed.
Regards, Tim