Copy and Apply a Mesh to New Object

I made a car in blender and need to copy the mesh to place on a sculpty to export to second life. How does one copy the mesh from one object and place it onto another object?
Thank you! I really do not want to have to reinvent the object again.

Hi Reynardine

If you are wanting to copy a mesh from one object in a blend file to another in the same file.

In the buttons panel F9 for editing and under the link and material tab there is a drop down menu next to ME: “Your current selected Object name” if you select the other mesh in your file with this drop down menu it will copy onto your current mesh.

If you want to copy from one blend file to another Shift F1 for link and append, browse to the file you want to copy the mesh from select the mesh directory and the mesh you want, leave everything as default and click Load Library. Then go into the buttons window and repeat the first method by selecting the mesh you have inported.

Good luck

That’s great!
Thank you! :slight_smile: