copy and paste keys in f-curve editor problem (2.53)

I’m trying to copy and paste keys in the f-curve editor in 2.53. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with me or with blender. since 2.53 is beta software and all.

so I have a small walk cycle I’ve been blocking out and I have a couple steps per foot but I want to copy and paste the keys once so that the character walks a few steps more.

there are buttons right on the f-curve menu that say copy keys, and paste keys so I click the first move to the desired frame and click the second. nothing.

I try ctrl-c and ctrl-v the shortcuts mentioned when hovering over the buttons. nothing.

I will also mention that I used “a” to highlight all the keys before I tried to copy the keys. I also used “b” to select just a few keys and tried it that way too. but still nothing.

I also get a bit confused using copy and paste but i think that what you want isn’t so much copy and paste but duplicate. just box select the keys (graph points) you want to duplicate, shift-d, x (to move only in time) and then move it out to where you want it to happen.

sweet! thanks, I’ll give that a go next time I get into blender. That sounds like what I wanted to do.

I have noticed something strange with duplicate keys. I works well if the keys are all positive or all negative.
But if there are some positive and some negative, the result is weird.

yea. that seemed to have been what I was looking for. thanks walshlg.

on a side note is there a way to focus in on the f-curves? basically a hotkey that will automatically zoom into my selected curve? right now I click a curve then adjust the zoom level until it’s where I want it. I was wondering if there was a faster way to do that.

I was thinking of posting a new thread for this but thought I’d ask here first.

to answer my own second question “home” is close to what I was looking for