Copy and paste multiple times

In the Video Editor I would like to copy and paste a single image / frame multiple times. Say 100 to make a video clip. Can that be done in Blender with several clicks or do I need to download a clipboard app for that? If that is the case does anyone know of a good free app for that.

As far as I’m aware you can’t do that in Blender but Shift + D will duplicate the selected object(s). OS clipboards are only compatible with Blender for pasting text.

You can copy/paste on the timeline (similar to duplicate). How would you use this? Do you want to copy/paste from elsewhere, like another app? I have always had to save the image first, as Rambobaby says, Blender cannot access the OS clipboard. But drag and drop works.

Thanks guys. You can of course copy and paste in the Video Editor but not multiple times with two clicks of the mouse. And, after reading your post I suspect Blender is using the OS clipboard for that. Which in the scenario I described means copy and pasting 100 times for 100 frames. By the way I neglected to say I’m copying and pasting a saved Blender render.

Now they’re quite a few free apps that will allow you to copy say ten times in two clicks. But, I don’t need yet another damn app for something that’s very seldom done. And, taking your suggestion RamboBaby I can just duplicate One, then two, then four, etc. so it not really 100 times. Yeah that will work nicely without downloading a app. Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it.

It’s only been a couple of years since Blender gained rudimentary use of a clipboard. It was really frustrating for redundant text field tasks.

No idea why you would need so many copies of a single image but you can do that easily by making one strip the length you need it, duplicate (shift+D) and place it, and then shift+R to repeat the action. Holding it down will repeat last action as many times you want.

@JA12 “No idea why you would need so many copies of a single image but you can…” Because JA12 evidently I’m eat up with the dumb ass. I had attempted to drag a single PNG out to a strip of many frames with no success until a few minutes ago. Then right clicking I held the right mouse button down while dragging and of course that did it. Sorry guys but maybe the thread will help someone else now.

Also you can go to the strip (in this case short frame) properties and change the duration by value. Easier than dragging a handle.

In VSE, for a single image, or first or last frame in a clip, just select the very edge of the clip, then G to grab and move the mouse until image spans sufficient frames.

For several years I’ve been dragging image clips to suit in the VSE. But, evidently hadn’t needed to drag a single image. Then having one of those days I couldn’t grab the bitch in spite of hell. Then still having one of those days away I go looking for a app which would have put ten clipboards on my desktop. LOL So I’m chalking it up to having one of those ‘Senior Moments’ and then overreacting. Both methods work great guys. Thanks

I think there’s also a key short cut for selecting strip ends. Then you could place the play indicator at required place in timeline and press shift-s to snap the selection to it.

There ya go thats 3 ways to skin a cat.