Copy and Paste Properties In Blender GE (UPBGE)

Hello! I am familiar with the the “Copy Property” function in the game engine. But what I’m curious to know is if there is a way to “paste” a property? So in example, if you have a Cube and you press 1 , you run the copy property logic brick which copies the properties of another object to this Cube… If you press 2, the same Cube sends its properties to another object. Can this be done in logic bricks? Thanks!

For logic-bricks only, I would suggest that every time you press 1 or 2 keys, to send a message with the message actuator to one of those stated objects. The object that receives the sent message should also have a logic setup to activate its logic when the message is received using the message sensor, to activate the copy/paste property to and from the object sending and the object receiving the message.

The message system works well if you need to send a fixed subject to other entities upon request, but if you mean to copy properties around whose values can change dynamically and use those values (current frame in an action, if a property is currently true or false, etc), then I think the way is to simply have the copy property actuator for each of the “receiving” entities (in this case, activated by those input sensors 1 and 2). Then you can refer to those values using property sensors to activate more logic. So you wouldnt “send” the properties, each entity would just copy the current values from one another when needed.

Right, I see what you mean… the question I have though is if you are applying a copy property to the sending object but there are multiple receiving objects which is what I need, it wouldn’t work. Because you are required to specify the object name in the actuator, and if it’s Cube.001,.002, .003 etc, it won’t work. So that’s why I was curious if there was a way to send values. So the duplicated Cubes have a way to send their property values to a single object.

I see. If you want to gather properties from several different objects, than it does become more labour intensive. I dont really know enough to see another way other than having multiple copy property actuators on that single receiving object, linking to all the others individually. A way of having “global” properties, so any object could use them, would be really useful…