Copy and Paste UV from one face to another

I have a round mesh that is sectional. Is there a way to copy the UV from one face to another? Each time I try it jumbles some of the individual islands. All I can find online is from one object to another but nothing about copying UVs within the same mesh.

I wish I knew. What I usually have to do is delete faces and copy the desired faces and put them where the old faces were.

I fount it! Go into the EDIT tab and click on Copy/Paste UV. Make sure you have the Magic UV add-on enabled. Select all of the faces to be copied and then go to the Copy/Paste UV dropdown (Make sure the box is checked. There will be two dropdowns side by side. One is Copy. From this dropdown you will see three options.

Select UVMAP

Then go to the part of the mesh with the faces you need to paste them to and select those faces. Be sure that you only select EXACTLY the same configuration as the copied faces. If it is a dense mesh you might accidentally select more or less than what you copied and then it will jumble the islands.

Once selected go to the Paste dropdown.
Here you will see four options


Select UVMap

In a couple seconds you will see the UV islands unwrapped the way you want.

Good luck!

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