Copy and paste UVs


I have searched the forums in order to solve my problem but I can’t find a solution:
I would like to copy and paste the information from a face to others that don´t match the “copied one” or because they even have not applied any texture. Please, check the following picture that shows what I want to achieve:

So, Imagine I have a surface built of various faces and I have 3 of them unaligned (one is rotated, other one is rotated and scaled and the last one has not applied the floor texture). I would like to copy the face I want to be as reference and paste the UV information so that the 3 unaligned faces follow the correct UV aligment.
I know it is not something strange, other software packages have this functionality and it becomes very handy when modifying meshes that already have UVs applied.

I have tried two Blender add-ons that were supposed to “copy and paste UVs” but they had no documentation in order to check if they really solve my problem and they didn’t work the way I wanted when I used them (maybe the problem is that I’m not correctly using them) so, has anyone an approach or workflow in order to easily solve this “problem”?

Thanks in advance

select all faces

then try to do a unwrap project view
that will do what you need i guess

or do a uwnrap reset this will place all uv maps over each other and apply same image to all faces in 3D view!


Thanks RickyBlender, you are right, in this example it is easier to just unwrap again everything but forget about this situation and think globally.
anyway I’m looking for a workaround in order to “copy and paste” so that you are able to modify and add new geometry without having to remap everything.

If you guys don’t understand why I need this feature let me know and I record a video explaining the advantages.

Thanks again

try to select a new face in the 3D view and unwrap it
it will add the face to the uwnrapped ones in UV editor

or may be do it with texture painting


eXKR: A little context goes a long way, so what is the exact need/expectation for this feature?
Here’s something to try in the mean time: Make sure ‘Live Unwrap’ is enabled in the image editor. You can preserve existing UV islands by pinning § them. If you change geometry after, make sure your seams are marked, and either re-unwrap or move/scale/rotate a pinned coordinate zero units and press enter; this will unwrap the altered/unpinned UVs while keeping with your existing, pinned UVs’ scale and orientation.

This might be all you need, or not.

Thanks dlax,

I have already tried “live unwrap” and it is not what I’m looking for.
I have recorded a video with the software that has the feature I would like to have in Blender, I guess it is there but I don’t know how to do it (maybe it needs the work of a coder in order to “pack” it as an addon):

I hope you understand me, can follow the workflow and find it interesting/useful.

Select those 3 faces on your mesh and hit u, then reset. You can do one at a time and it will probably be easier. After resetting, you can move and resize them in place using the snap feature. Make sure only those are selected.

Thanks Rich33584, your solution works in some cases, but it’s not a full functionality for “copy and paste” UVs. Imagine that you want to copy a “non reseted” layout as the next example:

There you have a rotated UV mapping that is the one desired to be “copied” to the 3 faces (1 rotated, 1 rotated+scaled and 1 without the texture applied).

There are other ideas on how to archieve it or anyone willing to say if it’s possible in Blender with a new addon?