Copy and paste?

I made something I liked in one model, and I want to put it into another. Howwww can I do this?

By the way, what I’m trying to copy is the vertices. Of a head.

First, get both of your objects together into one file. You can use Shift-F1 to import the object you want to copy into the current file.

If you want to keep the copy-object (that is, if you don’t want to destroy it), Shift-D (duplicate) it. In edit mode remove the vertices you don’t want.

In Object Mode, select your copy-object (first) and shift-select your target object (last). Ctrl-J (join) selected meshes. In edit mode clean up the vertices.

Have fun!

Hmm, I cut off the head, got it glued on, ETC, but if it’s a different material, and I don’t wanna do it over again. How can I take it off?

Bump, reference pic…

How do you take off the material? in texture buttons go and select the appropriate parts and unlink. You’ll see “1 Mat 1”, etc. Scroll through those until you find the material to delete. Click the X to unlink.

If you want to apply the head’s material to the rest of the body (or vice versa), in Edit Mode select the vertices you want to have the material, and scroll through the “1 Mat x” until you find the material you want to use, and click “Assign”.

If you’re talking about the head as a separate object, you can do that. I know at least toloban keeps a bunch of heads he can apply to different bodies…