Copy animated object to other location in scene..

Hi, my question is rather simple i think, but i can’t find the answer anywhere on the internet. I am not new to blender, i work with blender everyday for work, but i never had to build a big scene for animation, but i am working on one now. The question is this:

How do i transfer an animated object to another position in the scene.

When i currently copy my animation it will snap right back to it’s original location. I want the animation to work as is, but in the new location. How can i do this? Hopefully somebody here can give me a simple solution to this problem…

There are a couple different ways to solve this. I’m assuming your directly animating a single object and you’re not using a rig. In that case, probably the most straight-forward solution would be by parenting. Try these steps:

  • Add an Empty near your object
  • Parent your object to that Empty (select object, Shift+select empty, Ctrl+P > Object)
  • Move the empty to where you want your animation to happen. Your object should follow.

Hi Fweeb, Thank you very much. I had read something about the empty, but didn’t understand why it was like this. I got it working, but i have an animation with several different objects. it seems i have to create an empty for every single object. I want the whole animation to be on another location in the scene. Is this possible?

I got it to work. Sorry for that. Thank you very much. Is there a reason why you have to attach it to an empty? What is the thought process behind that. I understand that he corrects the location of the objects to the location of the empty, but i’m just curious why there is no correction key or something with * correct location to current * :).