Copy another objects location?

does anyone know if theres a way to get a object to copy another objects location, but without copying it’s rotation or size? Ive have done this with a python script, but it doesn’t work the way i need it too. Any help would be great.

i think this will work


CopyPos.blend (134 KB)

Thank you for your response, but this is basically the same script I wrote. The problem I have with this is when the object is moving fast, the object that is copying its location falls behind.
I think blender runs the python script, moves the copying object, and then updates the location of the copied object instead of updating the location of the copied object and the running the script. The outcome of this is when the copied object is moving at say… 100 units per frame, the copying object is 100 units behind. I need a way where the object is updated at the same time.

in that case you can use vertex parenting.

Thanks, it works great! :slight_smile: