Copy attributes

I can’t figure out how to copy game attributes to from one object to another in 2.54.
Any one know how to do this? I.E. I have object A that is set to no collision, and I have objects B,C, and D, and I want to copy the physics from A to B, C, and D. I hope that made sense. :o

You might be able to press Ctrl-C to copy attributes - maybe not, but I’m pretty sure that the capability exists. Try using the Space - Search function.

there is an addon for that. Go to Add-On Menu (Ctrl+Alt+U) and enable it :slight_smile:

Ah, that’s right… That is what the add-on does - I forgot.

Thanks for the Help, but I can’t seem to find the add-on.
@SolarLune. I love your work! I can’t wait to try X-Emitter. It looks smashing!

Go into the settings, choose the add-ons tab, and it should be the third one down. If not, choose 3d view, and then look for 3D View: Copy Attributes Menu. Toggle the little check box to the right of that add-on and you’re good to go.
[edit] oh yeah, and you’ll want to hit Save As Default, so it’s still enabled next time you start up Blender.

@Gyis - Thanks - for some reason, though, the Copy-Attributes menu doesn’t always show up if I press Ctrl - C - sometimes it does, but most times it’s missing, even though the add-on is enabled. Disabling and re-enabling it seems like it might fix the problem temporarily, but the problem still appears from time to time. Any ideas on this?

EDIT: Just an add-on to what Captain mentioned - don’t Save As Default when you’re in a blend scene already, as that will make the whole blend file in its current state what you see when you hit ‘New’. If this does happen, you can restore factory settings in the File menu, but you’ll lose your default layout, which add-ons are enabled, etc.